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Gregg Stotesbery was born in 1957 and grew up in Southern California. He has lived at the beach, the mountains and the desert of California before moving to the Ozark Mountains of Missouri in the spring of 2008.

He has 4 children (grown) and 8 grandchildren.

Gregg started writing from an early age and had pursued acting and mime in Los Angeles for 14 years. After his foray into the the acting world, Gregg now prefers regular.

Although Gregg’s hair color is now salt and pepper, he’s still vain enough to post a 13 year old picture of himself with brown hair.

You can write Gregg in the open comment box below or at  gcstotes@yahoo.com

Published on February 24, 2010 at 11:36 pm  Comments (11)  

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  1. Another wonderful letter from the Ozarks. Gregg, you color my world with sunshine! While reading these letters, I am living my childhood days again, growing up in Missouri.
    My DEAR friend and best Buddy, Dwaine Turner forwarded this to me. You keep me smiling.
    Billie Champion
    Artesia, New Mexico

  2. I just received a link to your blog from a friend in Southern California – where I was born and raised. My kids are just a wee bit younger than you – and when my husband and I moved to the Ozarks, they thought we were out of our minds. I guess they still think that – but we know better. This past winter was longer and colder than usual – and this summer has been considerably less than ideal – but we love it here and have less than zero desire to ever move back to CA. We live in Kimberling City and love the small town feel and the wonderful people! We also like the fact that a traffic jam is constituted by more than 4 cars stopped at a signal – that people always stop to help anyone who appears to need it – and that we breathe air that we can’t see. Yeah, we miss the weather in SoCal – and only have to be there for a short while on a visit before we remember why we live where we do. We also like the seasons…at least most of the time. I really enjoy your blog and am glad that you’re as happy as we are with your new home state!

    • Thank you for taking the time to write and I’m glad to hear you enjoy my blog.
      I sure know what you mean when you say it only takes going back for a visit to remind you of why you live here. We actually bought here in 05 and for a while we were going back and forth while working on the place here. The only thing I miss now and then is an In&Out Burger. Our kids thought we were crazy too but now 2 of the 4 have joined us in our insanity by moving out here within the last year and a half!! 2 more to go! Congratulations on your SoCal escape.

  3. Dear Gregg, Mark and I are still here in the high desert, but dreaming of and visiting the south as often as possible. You draw a beautiful picture of that area for us to ramble around in. We miss and think of you two often maybe when we visit Branson we can meet up for a cup of coffee. Love ya, Carolyn Taylor

    • We would love to meet with you guys! I will drive a long way for a nutritious wholesome cup of coffee. Give us a heads up a head of time so we can keep our schedule open for that day. Loving you back!

  4. It was this weird, round about way that I stumbled onto this blog. I found your comment about your 12 year old photo hilarious. I just had to say ,hello.
    Your life sounds really great. I have horses but no farm. I’m a little jealous.
    Say Hi to Cathie for us.

    Marie Hinton- Former Alleluia Player

    • Oh my gosh, how great to hear from you!! Wow has it ever been a long time! Say hello to Joel and your mother for me. We love it here of course and could never imagine moving back. There is a whole other world outside CA that I never knew exsisted. Take care and keep in touch! Cathie says hi back. Loving you all, Gregg

  5. so, are you still blogging? are you on facebook?

    • Both. Now living life then writing about it requires that I get up and live life but then take time to plant myself in a chair to write about it. Keeping balance is the dicipline, it’s easier to just live days and let them sail by with wind on my face…. and too often I do.

  6. Love to see what Cathie’s creating, glad she pointed us to your blog! Enjoy your writing so much! And to Billie in New Mexico… Dwayne’s the best…he drives our girl’s school bus! (Small world!)

    • Thank you Wendee, your words are very kind. And yes, it is an amazingly small world!!

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